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Secret Academy Episode - Zach Smith

Zach Smith was studying accounting and halfway through his studies, he realized that this wasn't something that he really wanted to do. He met someone who taught him about internet marketing and eventually started a company with that person. After selling that company, Zach became a consultant and was introduced to crowdfunding via one of his clients. He was able to use his expertise in marketing to help raise thousands of dollars for the campaign and realized that there was a demand for helping others create successful crowdfunding campaigns. Zach co-founded Funded Today and has become the most successful agency of crowdfunding raising over $80 million across 500 different campaigns.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How he was able to find success in crowdfunding without ever having his own campaign
  • Why Kickstarter prefers innovation
  • What is the 80/20 principle
  • Marketing success criteria and what factors they look for to gauge the potential of a campaign
  • Using demographic info of early adopters to narrow down the target audience
  • The most exciting aspect of the industry today is the ability to "fail fast"
  • Payment structure of his company
  • Two easy things you can do before launching a campaign
  • The formula for a successful campaign
  • In every business you run, do every single thing yourself and then start outsourcing to others who do it better
  • Perspective is a private experience
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