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Secret Academy Episode - Sam Morris

After creating an app that got up to 3000 active users per day, Sam Morris got a scary email from Google telling him they were terminating his account for program violations. From that moment, Sam started to develop Everbadge, a mobile ad network that allowed advertisers to advertise across iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices. Sam understood the risk of entrepreneurship and quit his job to focus on Everbadge full time only when he was certain his family would not be in jeopardy. His gamble has paid off and Sam is on track to clear well over six figures per month in revenue.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How an app got up to 3000 users a day.
  • What happens when Google shuts down your app.
  • Why Sam felt comfortable leaving his day job while being a husband and father.
  • When is the right time to hire people and where.
  • How to outsource without any ongoing headaches.
  • The number one quality to look for when hiring talent.
  • What to do with when dealing with potential idea thieves.
  • Why Everbadge is completely self-funded.
  • Why finding a mentor is helpful for your journey.
  • How to minimize the risk when jumping to entrepreneurship.
  • Why you should be transparent but also leverage perception when necessary.
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