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Secret Academy Episode - Jimmy Nicholas

It seems like this day in age, everyone and their mother is on social media. What once was a place for people to connect and share photos has turned into a very important asset for every business across the globe. Now we may recognize some ad types more than others like products of all shapes and sizes, Ecoruses on millions of topics, etc there are still some ad types that don’t get force fed down our throats like others but are still just as important. Jimmy Nicholas is the Founder of Jimmy Marketing, and his company helps connect potential patients with medical specialists in their area, specifically in the dental and orthodontic fields. Jimmy and his team help take a practice’s social media presence into the limelight to make them more appealing to patients in their local area. Jimmy’s Marketing is a perfect example of a niche that just works for both consumer and provider across the board. Though you think all marketing is a one size fits all type of game, medical marketing is quite different and Jimmy is here today to explain how he has found so much success in this niche world.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Why a niche market can sometimes be the best audience to target.
  • What the steps are to bring patients to a specialists website.
  • What methods of marketing help patients connect with doctors more than the others.
  • Hold your marketing dollars accountable as a small business owner at all times.
  • Why doctors offices always seem to ask “how did you hear about us?.
  • What a marketing firms payment structure looks like and how the dollars come about.
  • What does it take to find your niche.
  • Trial and error marketing and how there may be no way around it.
  • If you do not have a passion for the niche market that you are in, you will soon become bored and fail the business.
  • How to entice potential clients without the ability to provide coupons or other normalized incentives.
  • How a marketing firm has to market themselves to get their own clients to help.
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