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Secret Academy Episode - Rob Simyar

Going to school matters, especially when you want to become a dentist. Robert Simyar will tell you that it doesn’t come cheap and that despite succeeding at becoming a dentist, the final outcome was not what he had envisioned. Over 10 years ago, Robert started what today would be known as the best softcore porn site in the industry. While the adult industry might be frowned upon, he was able to push forward a brand that didn’t require the ladies he recruited to have sex, and actually retained the integrity of the beauty of sex. His experiences, tips, and insights on the industry are phenomenal and allows everyone listening to have a better understanding of a not so talked about industry. Today he also continues to practice his dentistry in a charitable way and rubs shoulders with some of today’s most elite and adored lifestyle figures.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How to grow an 8 figure business with very little overhead.
  • How he was $450,000 in debt for school and used a camera to fix that.
  • His take on formal education.
  • How he leverages his degree despite not being a dentist.
  • The power of having an automated business.
  • The state of the adult industry.
  • How to create a competitive advantage in a saturated industry.
  • How his personal life was impacted severely by his work.
  • His favorite adult stars he worked with.
  • The costs associated with operating an adult site like FTV Girls
  • A typical day in his epic life.
  • How driving an SLR, Bugatti and Ordering a P1 will get TMZ’s attention.
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