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Secret Academy Episode - Mitch Thrower

Mitch Thrower began his entrepreneurial journey back when he was in college and has since built and exited numerous companies, acquiring a near $1 billion in exits. Through his journey as a serial entrepreneur, communications guru, financer, he knew that in order to truly succeed he had to find a way to put a value on his passion, in this case it was triathlons. After watching the sport grow for years and years, Thrower saw where the needs weren’t being met in the sport and decided to act upon it. was created to be a total fulfillment platform for all events, not just sports, but also festivals, charity galas, etc. helps to bring together all aspects of planning a large gather from management, marketing, sponsorship, app creation, and more. Through his passion focused business plan, Thrower has made the largest event planning service on the internet.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • The process of creation drives success.
  • Being able to communicate within your sphere of entrepreneurship is critical.
  • Being an entrepreneur means being able to be quick and think on your feet.
  • Slowly working towards your goal, one step at a time, can get you exactly where you need to be.
  • Find your passion and see the value of which your passion is trading in.
  • Don’t just do what you love, but look around for the value that is being exchanged in your passion.
  • Observing the world around you and seeing a need can help you create a fulfillment method.
  • Always be sure to align your interests with those who have helped you achieve your goal.
  • Beginning with the end in mind is extremely important for entrepreneurs.
  • Don’t be terminally creative- do something, get bored, stop it, and move onto something else only to repeat that cycle again.
  • Stick-to-itiveness is crucial for all entrepreneurs.
  • Download the Due-Diligence check-list online to be sure you’re keeping your values intact throughout your entire business journey.
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