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Secret Academy Episode - Spencer Haws

Spencer grew up in sunny Mesa, Arizona. A couple of years after he graduated from from BYU studying Business Management in 2005, he started dabbling around with creating websites. After a few years he finally figured out how search engine optimization worked. He also discovered that he could rank his websites in Google much easier for low competition keywords than high competition and this gave birth to Niche Pursuits. He owns over 200 niche websites primarily monetized by Google Adsense and his main focus is building a niche website empire. As a result of building so many websites, he also decided to create a better keyword research tool in 2011. That tool is called Long Tail Pro, and has also become a big part of his business.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How to create niche sites that make $3000/mo doing nothing.
  • His thoughts and inspiration from Pat Flynn.
  • How a niche site works.
  • How keywords impact niche sites
  • How he created niche sites without knowing how to code.
  • How sites make $300-$3000 a month passively.
  • What are some of his sites he's had success with.
  • Why niche sites are a better business model for the web.
  • How to find a niche for yourself.
  • His best tips to get in the niche site world.
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