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Secret Academy Episode - Steve Mehr

Steve Mehr is the founder and CEO of WebShark360, a full service advertising agency with a national footprint. In today’s competitive business environment, no one achieves success by accident. This is especially true for Steve. Over the past twenty years, Steve has founded, built, and managed almost a dozen successful companies - ranging from consumer electronics, e-commerce and software, to law firms and professional service agencies. As a successful entrepreneur, Steve became a millionaire at age 26 by growing a consumer electronics business he founded at age 16 with $90. As a successful lawyer, Steve has recovered over $100 million dollars for his clients. As CEO of WebShark360, Steve manages one of the largest legal advertising budgets in California, making WebShark360 a dominant player in the marketplace.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • The birth of Steve's entrepreneur journey at age 16 flipping speakers
  • How that transitioned into a full time business instead of Steve attending college
  • Why Steve decided to go to college and how he balanced work / life
  • The growth of the electronics company from multiple locations to online
  • Why Steve turned down a job offer from Microsoft at age 21
  • How Steve became a millionaire at 26 by selling off his electronics company
  • The birth of Steve's law firm and growth to over 30 employees and multiple locations
  • The truth and reality behind new lawyer salaries and debt post graduation
  • Why Steve took the marketing team with him when he sold his law firm
  • The birth of WebShark360 and why its important to find your niche
  • Why good lawyers can still make bad business owners
  • 3 tips any service business can utilize to become more successful
  • When advertising is better than networking and vice versa
  • Why 'selling' is the most important thing you can learn
  • How to become a successful consultant and how to price your services
  • The keys to success that enabled Steve to succeed for the last 20 years
  • How to train yourself to make no excuses and not be influenced by the media
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