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Secret Academy Episode - Josh Kent

Josh Kent is the CEO and founder of He is a self-taught computer programmer that began building websites for others right out of high school. With a good amount of experience and knowledge under his belt, in 2013 Josh launched Josh had a simple strategy to stand out in an already saturated clothing eCommerce industry, even though he had no overhead capital to start with. Josh had no idea that SunFrog would explode overnight. SunFrog went from $1M in sales for 2014, to a projected $150M for 2017.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • What Josh did to sell t-shirts before he launched his website.
  • Why SunFrog is mostly made up of a little bit of clothing and printing, but a LOT of technology.
  • How Josh utilized his knowledge of computers and technology to allow SunFrog to flourish.
  • The reasons behind SunFrog’s sudden and explosive growth in sales.
  • What made SunFrog so different from other clothing brands.
  • How to launch a business or startup in an already saturated market.
  • Give to people the way you would want to be given to as the seller.
  • How facebook ads engage with you.
  • Bootstrap growth – SunFrog had no money on startup.
  • How to launch a startup with no overhead capital or investors.
  • Decide who you want to be in what market.
  • How online influencers with specific “niche” pockets have such great advantages.
  • Why trying to sell anything to anyone is not a good strategy.
  • How facebook ads have changed.
  • How to become successful as a SunFrog affiliate marketer.
  • How SunFrog trains and pays it’s affiliate marketers.
  • How Josh handled staffing demands with SunFrog’s growth.
  • Josh’s advice for someone wanting to launch a clothing brand startup in today’s market.
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