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Secret Academy Episode - Ali Maadelat

An entrepreneur since birth, Ali fell into marketing and advertising at the young age of fourteen. He networked and became friends with the thinktanks and experts in the industry and began to study under them. Shortly after his fifteenth birthday, he began to speak at high-end marketing seminars and give consultations to “big-name” marketers, helping with problems they couldn’t find the answers to themselves. Fast forward to today, Ali is considered an authority in the marketing and advertising industry, and is called a “natural” when it comes to his skills. He has taken part in multi-million dollar launches and is on the speed dial of many of the business world’s biggest names. His company Lorenz Marketing Group is known worldwide for results driven marketing and has some of today’s highest retention rates for clients. His nomination as the American Business Awards “2012 Marketer of the Year” and having won “2013 marketer of the year” is evidence of exactly how highly he is regarded by his peers.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How he made his first million selling himself.
  • How he obtained mentorship by a marketing giant before he was could drive.
  • The process in asking others to mentor you.
  • How determination kept him going in the hard times.
  • Essential marketing tips for your startup.
  • How to use social media effectively to market yourself and business.
  • Typical marketing mistakes made.
  • Best practices as an entrepreneur to stay afloat.
  • Power of education, despite already having made it.
  • Why philanthropy is different from entrepreneurship.
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