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Secret Academy Episode - Julie Broad

In 2001, Julie Broad was getting ready to go back to school to earn an MBA, but she didn't want to end up deeper in debt upon graduating. She decided to invest the money that was supposed to go towards tuition into purchasing two real estate properties with her then boyfriend, now husband. They ended up buying 2-5 properties a year until taking the leap to become a full-time real estate investor and starting a real estate newsletter in 2008. The newsletter led to an education business teaching others how to invest in real estate using Julie's marketing and business background and her husband's mortgage lending background. Today, Julie has transitioned her business out of the real estate realm and focused on speaking engagements and continuing her newsletter on

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • What you learn in school is how to be a great employee, not how to hustle and create something out of nothing
  • Started writing a newsletter to help people wanting to get into real estate investing
  • The newsletter served as the foundation for her education business
  • Challenges of working with someone you also live with
  • Why Julie transitioned her business away from real estate
  • Her MAGIC acronym for marketing and what it all means
  • Take action, don't wait for the perfect message to come along
  • Marketing has to line up with the brand in order to attract the ideal client
  • Adding value will make a bigger impact and build a stronger brand on social media
  • Two marketing tips for entrepreneurs
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