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Secret Academy Episode - Amish Shah

My name is Amish Shah. I’m an Inc. 500 Entrepreneur. An adventurer. A ‘Reality Hacker’. And a loving family man with a dream. I grew up in a broke family in New Jersey, selling newspapers and candy to get by. As a teenager, I was passionate about entrepreneurship, and making money online. But one thing led to another… I drifted down some murky streams… and ended up narrowly escaping jail time for illegal hacking. It was around this turbulent period I found a new hobby: I became curious about the ‘unseen’ forces that quietly define our reality. From metaphysical science to quantum mechanics to planetary frequencies, sacred geometry and even lucid dreaming. And when I merged my two interests into one unified perspective… well that’s when things got a little crazy.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Age 17 - I owned two businesses and had my first out of body experience
  • Age 19 - I found my soulmate and got a $150k per year job
  • Age 24 - I got a $253,000 check from Google for just setting up and messing around with some websites
  • Age 25 - I made my first million dollars through affiliate marketing
  • Age 27 - I taught myself how to speed read
  • Age 28 - I held my first seminar that brought in over $800,000 in sales
  • Age 29 - I moved into a 5,000 sq. ft. house overlooking the ocean
  • Age 29 - I did my first online marketing software launch that generated over $5 million in sales in under 7 days
  • Age 30 - I landed my company in the Inc. 500 as the 65th fastest growing private marketing company in the USA
  • Age 31 - I was severely depressed with all my fancy stuff
  • Age 31 - I re-aligned with my purpose and began getting ‘downloads’ of intuitive wisdom and mind-blowing solutions as I meditated
  • Age 31 - I started the world’s first Virtual Mobile App Incubator
  • Age 32 - I transformed my body by losing over 18 lbs and dropping over 100 points of cholesterol
  • Age 32 - I founded Deep Origins a conscious media company
  • Age 33 - I sold my app company and started SEEF with my wife. SEEF is a non-profit organization committed to digging up the secrets of ancient civilizations and archaeological sites to reveal the past and educate the world through exploration.
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