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Secret Academy Episode - Braydon Moreno

An idea that started from a napkin has now been brought to reality with the help of over 1200 people. Braydon Moreno is the co-founder of Robo 3D Printing, an affordable 3D printer that has secured over $650,000 in crowdfunding through With the majority of most Kickstarter campaigns typically falling short of expectations, Braydon shares his advice on how he was able to reach that goal but more specifically the actionable steps he took to ensure he had an idea worth fighting for and the right way to gain exposure all the while keeping his backers happy and up to date on the latest. His awesome story is one to make you rethink the possibilities of seeking investors.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How he raised $650,000 on Kickstarter. (13 times their goal)
  • From an idea spawned from a napkin and only $1000
  • How to spot an opportunity in the market
  • How to combat copyright infringement
  • How to identify your demographic and stay competitive
  • Why go through Kickstarter rather than private investors
  • How backers can validate your idea with priceless feedback
  • How the Kickstarter process works from start to finish
  • Why they should of got some pre h pe (big mistake)
  • How to get good publicity and pitch the right way (hint: its not through email)
  • Why persistence and hustle will lead to results
  • Why you should prepare for best and worst case scenarios
  • How to deal with people that back out
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