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Secret Academy Episode - Richard Hollis

As a thirty-year veteran entrepreneur in the bio-tech and pharmaceutical industry, Richard Hollis took what some might have seen as a major risk when he pivoted his career into the digital space back in 2008. After spending more than five years studying the evolution of the internet while building and perfecting his product without making a dime, Hollis recently launched Holonis - a self-funded and disruptive new company that might just revolutionize the way small and medium sized business succeed online. Describing Holonis as an ecosystem that will democratize the internet and empower global commerce, Hollis is a brilliant and seasoned entrepreneur with an innovation that just might be a game-changer.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How our observations working for others or in entirely different industry can set us up for major success in the future
  • Recognizing gaps and the opportunities that lie within them
  • How commerce is being escalated on the internet and why there is still fragmentation
  • The importance of publishing and having a digital presence in today’s economy regardless of what type of business you have
  • What is the "network effect" and why it is important for your business
  • How small and medium sized businesses can establish a stronger online presence
  • Why you can’t succeed online without great software and automation
  • Why he believes Holonis will be "the ecosystem that will democratize the internet"
  • Importance of looking at a business or venture as when is it going to work instead of "if"
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