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Secret Academy Episode - George Palmer

Sometimes a business idea can come to you by just thinking of a problem you face and then creating your own way to solve it. That is exactly what George Palmer did with SendOwl. After watching people online and those he knew personally struggle to sell their digital product or service, he decided to create his own marketplace platform called SendOwl. He built the platform with simplicity and the user in mind, making it extremely easy to use and pretty much a “one click” ordeal. The beauty of SendOwl is that it is just a huge facilitator for transactions, and that allows them to obtain income on a pretty passive basis. In a business space where competitors pop up left and right, the way that George and his team are able to thrive is from his constant desire to be the best at what he does and see his customers happy and fulfilled in their choice to work with SendOwl.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Business is all about facilitating transactions.
  • Can’t think of a business, think of a problem with no solution and create it.
  • Simplicity is still something that is highly desired by customers everywhere.
  • How to first test your idea before launching.
  • That 1% is actually a great capture rate.
  • How to really look at your conversion rates
  • How to design your landing page.
  • How to outsource web development/design and find good people.
  • How to deal with constant competition in your marketplace.
  • How to tell the who is a serious competitor in your marketplace.
  • How to sell digital products/services well enough on a platform like SendOwl.
  • In the technology space, it is not wise to think beyond the 6 month space, as programming changes every single day.
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