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Secret Academy Episode - Colin Hatzmann

Like many entrepreneurs, Colin Hatzmann started out his working career with a corporate 9-5 job. He had a great government job as a financial examiner, but deep down he always wanted to start his own business even though he had zero experience or knowledge of entrepreneurship. When life dealt him a troubled hand, his government job looked like it might be in jeopardy. Instead of waiting around to see what would happen, he decided to take matter into his own hands. Why not take the leap and start his own business like he had always dreamed of doing? The idea came from his English Bulldog; he noticed that his dog would tear through toys effortlessly and wasn't able to find any toys on the market specifically tailored towards power chewing dogs. This revelation and his lifelong dream of becoming an entrepreneur gave birth to Bullymake, a subscription box filled with toys and treats suited for dogs that would normally tear through treats and toys easily.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How someone with zero background in digital marketing or entrepreneurship was able to start his own business
  • Taking a bad situation and using that as motivation to start something new
  • Why he decided to change his business model from selling product to a subscription model
  • Why his customers benefit more from the subscription model versus purchasing the products individually themselves
  • Pricing: undercutting your competition or charging more than your competition
  • How to use content marketing on Facebook
  • Retargeting marketing on Facebook
  • What is the biggest challenge of running Bullymake after he was able to master the marketing side of the business
  • The challenges of transitioning from a government job to running his own business
  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs
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