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Secret Academy Episode - Los Silva

Author of the book "Local Marketing for Busy People," international speaker, and considered one of the top LinkedIn Marketing & Transformation Trainers in the world, Los is currently leading the team at Startup Jungle, a digital marketplace for startup education businesses with marketing, sales and financial support to gain traction, scale and reach critical mass.

Los has worked with start-ups, business executives and companies such as Red Bull, Splash Post,, Heineken, Ethan Allen, Budweiser, House of Blues and Walt Disney World. business education, publishing agency that develops products sold globally and used in colleges and universities nationally such as Baylor, MIT, Wake Forest and more. With this venture, he consistently helps clients as a successful entrepreneur to build businesses and create sustainable value propositions for their brands. Los has been recognized and featured in the Business Journal, Under 30 CEOs, Mixergy, App Sumo and more.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • From a $100,000/mo eBay business to $0
  • How to remarket content so it's evergreen
  • How much free content should you give away versus paid
  • How to jump into a competitive market and disrupt the space
  • The best methods for establishing long lasting partnerships
  • Why networking is everything for success
  • Diversification of business vs eggs in one basket
  • The right scenarios to hire an employee vs outsource to contractor
  • How to balance your relationships with your entrepreneur journey
  • Why social media is VERY important and still wide open
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