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Secret Academy Episode - Chris Guthrie

For over 4 years, Chris Guthrie has been making money online full-time. His main revenue source has always been through Amazon's Affiliate program where he's been able to earn a very nice commission by referring people to Amazon through his network of websites. Although he's sold over $1,000,000 worth of Amazon products, his other money maker is buying and flipping websites for significant five figure sums. Now Chris is approaching the six figure a month mark across those two income streams and more.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Why forums aren't always the best online businesses
  • How to make passive income with Amazon's affiliate program
  • How he sold for a six figure deal
  • Selling websites through a broker vs online marketplace
  • The complete process of buying and selling websites
  • How to determine website valuation and worth
  • The complete check list when transferring a website
  • How to perform due diligence when analyzing websites to buy
  • The taxes involving online marketing and website flipping
  • Monetizing methods for websites and what's the best
  • Building a site from scratch vs buying an established website
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