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Secret Academy Episode - Brandon Adams

From humble and hardworking beginnings, Brandon Adams always had a vision for invention. In the back of an ice truck he questioned, “Why couldn’t there be an easy and fast way to chill/flavor your personal beverage?” ArcticStick was the answer to that question; a bullet-shaped device that could be filled and frozen with any beverage of your choice. Adams’ invention became a patented and trademarked success due to his campaign building through social media platforms. While his success with his product came without much resistance, Adams began to ask another question, “Why were so many campaigns failing?” Thinking of all the products that never got up off the ground due to common mistakes such as lack of preparation, or fear of failure, Adams decided he could solve this problem. The answer was found in Adams’ becoming an influential public speaker, captivating author, and executive producer/TV show host. Now as a serial entrepreneur, Adams shows the world of hungry inventors and brilliant creators that learning by doing is the best way to succeed.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Help others learn from your mistakes
  • Perseverance and determination through the hard times helps thrust you into greater success
  • Learn by doing
  • Introducing a product to the market
  • Do your research and learn from people who have done it
  • How to run a successful crowdfunding campaign
  • The first 48 hours of your campaign are crucial
  • Your campaign is only as strong as your drive to make it
  • The best platform for a crowdfunding campaign
  • Licensing your product
  • You must spend money to make money; be smart about it
  • Sell buyers on your character, then the product
  • Success breeds success
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