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Secret Academy Episode - David Risley

For over 16 years David Risley has built a business around blogging. His first major break through was with his hobby blog that was sold for a large sum at the height of the dot com boom. At one point, David had two blogs both earning over $100,000 each. Since then, David has built several more blogs but also now teaches how to start your own blog the right way at his Blog Marketing Academy.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • The realistic expectations you should have when starting a blog
  • First steps before you even think about creating a blog
  • Why Wordpress is the best blog platform out there
  • Content is king but only when quality, not quantity
  • How to create the best kind of 'evergreen' content
  • Why you shouldn't worry about the competition
  • Important blog metrics to know
  • Why creating your own product over affiliate marketing is better
  • Current paid advertising methods that are working
  • Why you shouldn't depend on any tools for shortcuts
  • Segmenting your email list is more important than the list itself
  • Best places to capture leads on your website
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