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Secret Academy Episode - Chad Mureta

As entrepreneurs, we tend to find ourselves consumed in our business a little too much at times. This was the case for Chad Mureta, who had a real estate company with several employees at the height and decline of the housing boom. The one night he took time off to check out an NBA game, he was involved in a severe car accident that left him nearly paralyzed and in severe debt. With seemingly lost hope, a friend told him to check out app development and that sparked the beginning of his journey into mobile apps. With a loan from his family, his first app became successful which lead him to create dozens more where he eventually sold his entire portfolio for millions. He now focuses on larger apps and also teaches students through his App Empire books and courses.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • The one night that changed it all.
  • Why you should never give up.
  • How to overcome huge debt even when starting a business.
  • How to outsource to India for your apps.
  • The best ways to market your app for success.
  • Why his first app succeeded and made $400/day.
  • Why you should build an app empire rather than a few apps.
  • Paid vs free apps and what's best for you.
  • Tips and tools to study the app market.
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