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Secret Academy Episode - Matt Miller

Matt began his career as an Air Force pilot flying the second largest plane ever built on an almost daily basis. After a few years Matt decided to settle down and get a regular job after his first son was born and after falling on hard times in his first corporate job, he began looking for sources of passive income to help his family get by. He overheard a member of his church talking about vending machines in the form of $0.25 gumballs and took the idea and ran with it - School Spirit Vending was born. Soon enough he was in over 100 locations and looking to grow even more so. People always say children are the future and Matt took that to heart, setting up his vending machines in schools across the country. Now instead of food and drink, Matt’s company prints up stickers and school memorabilia specific to each location and places them in the vending machines year around for children, faculty, and parents alike to purchase. Creating a niche market that combines profits with fundraising for schools to continue providing the best education they can for our children.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • The fundraising sphere isn’t just limited to events, projects, etc.
  • Your business can actually help others as well, without being a non-profit.
  • Schools lack two major things: funds and volunteers.
  • Vending is a great way to create passive income.
  • Approach businesses with the vending idea in a charitable manner as well.
  • Promote local business, hospitals, schools, etc. to get the support of the community.
  • When looking for businesses to work with, don’t fear rejection.
  • Don’t ever be afraid to ask anyone for what you want if you know it can benefit them too.
  • Most vending situations can be a win-win-win: helping you, the business, and the third party associate.
  • Don’t judge a business by it’s cover, go to every location you can.
  • Keep up on local current events and try to tailor your fundraising campaign in a way that helps benefits those in your own community.
  • The dollars aren’t huge at first but they are passive and scalable.
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