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Secret Academy Episode - Peter Rojas

Peter Rojas started off in technology journalism with a master’s degree in English. After he finished grad school, he worked in advertising for a little while before ending up at Red Herring magazine, first as Associate Editor then as a writer. He was co-founder and Editorial Director of Gizmodo, leaving to co-found Engadget and eventually sold both to AOL. He also founded the video game blog Joystiq. Along with Josh Deutsch of Downtown Records, Rojas launched the online record label RCRD LBL. In July 2008 Rojas left Engadget to start the consumer electronics social networking site GDGT. The site premiered in 2009 and was co-founded with Ryan Block, Rojas' successor as Engadget editor-in-chief. Rojas is currently the VP of Strategy for AOL and the Director of AOL Alpha.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Things you need to be a successful blogger
  • Lessons learned from Gizmodo and Engadget
  • Testing the product on the market
  • Analyzing user attention
  • How Peter tested Engadget on the market
  • How to get people back to your site
  • How to tell if a specific blog will be a huge success
  • How to tell there is potential in a business
  • Advice to young entrepreneurs
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