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Secret Academy Episode - Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn was your usual guy having a 9 to 5 hour job, which he enjoyed, until he got laid off. Instead of feeling bad about it, he immediately decided to work for himself from home. Since then, he has built several businesses online that have now allowed him to make much more, and work much less. As a result of his experiments and case studies, he has built several other businesses including an iPhone application development company, a number of niche sites, and an income stream from affiliate marketing on the site as well.

Pat Flynn is the founder and blogger of Smart Passive Income, which has recently become one of the fastest growing blogs in the online marketing and blogging industry, he blogs about his experiment with making money online and what he has learned along the way - making sure to reveal all aspects of the particular business 
with full transparency.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How to make millions on a FREE business model.
  • The story of how an architect became a blogger.
  • The trial and error of successful internet marketing.
  • How the free model became the leading model.
  • Why great quaity in content matters than quantity.
  • How a resource page leads to big monetary gains.
  • Turning the free into profitable, when is the right time.
  • How transparency is the key ingredient to getting followers.
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