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Secret Academy Episode - Matt Britton

Matt Britton started a marketing agency named Mr Youth in 2002 when he was in his early 20's. He wanted to provide a service to help Fortune 500 companies use the internet to target the Millennial generation. It was the first marketing agency to understand Facebook and how to leverage it to grow the customer base. Eventually being renamed MRY, the company boasts an impressive clientele list including Proctor & Gamble, Visa, Microsoft, and Johnson & Johnson. Matt was able to grow his company from a one-man startup to a company with over 600 employees worldwide, and is known as an expert in social media and youth marketing.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How to add value to your social media audience
  • The transitions he faced when his company was acquired in 2011, and again a few years later
  • Businesses need to have the resources to manage multiple social media platforms, otherwise just stick to the ones you are able to maintain properly
  • Understand where your business is and how to capture the most attention
  • What is the ROI for Facebook and other social media platforms in the age of the ads model
  • The reason why Snapchat has a more powerful structure versus Periscope
  • The top three social media platforms that companies should focus on and why
  • Balancing consistency and oversharing
  • What app Matt uses to help him manage social media platforms
  • His entrepreneurial mindset of taking risks versus the corporate mindset
  • What is the future of TV ads
  • Life is about what you create and not what you say
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