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Secret Academy Episode - Sean Malarkey

Born into a military family that relocated quite often, Sean Malarkey finally settled in Ohio where for ten years he worked in the real estate industry. He originally started as a mortgage broker with two partners on his side and five years later moved into real estate investing. Having more than 100 rentals to care for, business was getting very busy as one of his responsibilities was to handle the marketing side of things. So he started learning everything about internet marketing, and became absolutely fascinated with the results that were possible; the more he watched, the more he learned, and the better he became at list-building and email marketing. It was then when he decided to create a complete course on how businesses of all types could use Twitter to market themselves more effectively to a gigantic, responsive audience and the birth of Twixplode came. Since then, he walked away from the real estate business and never looked back.

Sean focuses in helping individuals market themselves online and how to use social media, specially Twitter, to build brands and bring a large list of followers to business. He also conducts strategy sessions with clients and shows case studies on how powerful Twitter and social media are to maximize the generation of leads, sales, clients, press, and traffic to their websites.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How he bootstrapped a sales page to over $1.5 million in sales in 2 years.
  • How he identified an opportunity on LinkedIn before anyone else.
  • How to use LinkedIn as a powerful marketing tool.
  • How to build a great network of affiliates.
  • Why affiliates can make or break you.
  • Why A/B testing is key to selling.
  • Why the webinar model works and how to maximize its effects.
  • How to automate your business.
  • How he revolutionized “customer service” in an automated model.
  • How he generated a half million in revenue in a few weeks with a new product launch.
  • Shares the blue print to selling online in 3 easy steps.
  • How to differentiate your podcast model.
  • How to increase your advance on your next book deal.
  • Why sponsors can mean big $$$ in the podcast world.
  • Why knowledge is key to increasing belief.
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