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Secret Academy Episode - Fam Mirza

Faraz "Fam" Mirza was born in Qatar and grew up in the slums of India with his aunt while his parents set out to make a living to support their family. At the age of 8 his parents came back, and they moved to Qatar and then Saudi Arabia before settling down in the United States. His father always used to tell him that in the United States you could be anything you wanted to be as long as you had the right vision and the right work ethic. It was those words and Fam's upbringing not having many basic amenities such as a shower that encouraged him to pursue entrepreneurship. After launching many successful brands, Fam founded 1Face Watches to fulfill his passion for giving back to the community and those in need. 1Face Watches sells 8 different watches to support 8 different charities, and has changed over one million people's lives to date.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Never launch a brand without first building a mailing list
  • How he was able to build a massive mailing list through social media and bloggers
  • Any brand is about building a community on the backend
  • Launching 1Face Watches on Indiegogo raising $360k in just 30 days
  • You have to provide product knowledge to distributors so that they can sell your product effectively
  • Hires reps to educate distributors or contacts regional managers to give them the actual product to familiarize them with it
  • What is their most cost effective marketing channel
  • Video marketing and why it's on the rise
  • Commonality and originality in a succesful video campaign
  • Resilience is the core quality of an entrepreneur
  • A learned defeat is more valuable than an earned victory
  • Why passion is key for a successful business
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