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Secret Academy Episode - Chris Ducker

As business becomes more globally connected, new services have allowed entrepreneurs to find quality employees overseas for far less the cost they'd find domestically. Chris Ducker was a native Brit living in the Philippines when he noticed the surging demand for contractors, specifically virtual assistants, to help entrepreneurs with their daily tasks. The problem was, anyone in search of a virtual assistant would not know where to begin but also who to trust. Chris launched Virtual Staff Finder, a premium virtual assistant locator that helps entrepreneurs focus on more important responsibilities and even work less in some cases. Chris is living proof of the effectiveness of having a virtual assistant from previously working 16 hour days to working a few days a week at no more than 4-5 hours per day.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How Chris ended up in the Philippines after living in the UK
  • The marketing and branding agency Chris started and sold within 2 years
  • Why Chris decided to go back to the corporate world doing infomercials
  • The secret formula and psychology behind infomercials and how they work
  • The art of selling and why you should give more before you ask
  • The idea and birth of Virtual Staff Finder
  • How Chris validated his idea before launching his business
  • How to remove yourself from your business by outsourcing
  • The importance of self-branding for credibility and marketing
  • Why your business and brand should have a more personal touch
  • The reality behind starting a business in the Philippines
  • Can you really enjoy a lavish lifestyle in the Philippines or is it dangerous?
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