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Secret Academy Episode - Oliver Kenyon

Oliver Kenyon like most of us had a goal. He said he wanted to be a millionaire before the age of 30 (said when 26). Now with no more than $15,000 in his bank account at the time, he was far from his goal, but he wasn’t far from making it possible. Oliver was one of those gentleman that saw the rise of the digital era and jumped on the front run of what was soon to be a long bandwagon. Beginning first by building a massive affiliate marketing company, he rose to the challenges and an ever-changing market place can bring forward. Until one day, Oliver’s goal become a reality and a million dollar deal was struck for his affiliate marketing company. Overjoyed, he didn’t just go off on vacation, instead he went back to work 10 times harder to building: Landing Page Guys. A company that helps other companies build one of a kind and multi-functional landing pages that you are sure to have stumbled across a time or two.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How to adapt to change in the online world.
  • Affiliate marketing as a whole industry has changed.
  • Don’t be afraid to leave a past business venture.
  • Forums: are they still valuable assets in the modern online business world.
  • What is the Forum vs Facebook Group debate.
  • What is the future of affiliate marketing?
  • Is the end of the scam marketing generation near?
  • White Hat vs Black Hat Marketing.
  • What makes a good landing page.
  • Split testing is crucial to getting your data on what works best.
  • The little things that make all the difference on your landing page.
  • The blueprint for a functional and sellable landing page.
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