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Secret Academy Episode - Jeff Smith

Acquisition is an aspect of business that not many people know how to become successful in. There are so many variables that go into acquiring companies, and knowing how to create and grow a successful business that is attractive to other companies can be lucrative. Jeff Smith founded a successful online marketing company specializing in SEO and strategies for monetization, and it was acquired in 2009 by Geary Interactive. From there, he started several other businesses that were eventually acquired by bigger companies including a lifestyle and destination guide and a drug addiction rehabilitation portal. Today, he is the CEO of the drug addiction rehab portal ( and continues to invest and create other businesses in the behavioral health space. Jeff is also involved in a non-profit bringing technology to to underprivileged teens on the path towards a 4-year university.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • About once or twice out of 5-6 times, he has gone into a business with an exit in mind
  • is a way to connect people with drug treatment centers
  • How he was able to generate the majority of traffic and revenue via SEO
  • How to create a scalable website that can cover the majority of the search phrases you're looking for
  • What type of research he did for to make it so successful
  • Dealing with regulatory laws in the health space
  • What types of people did he hire initially and why some of them were not solid revenue generators
  • Things to watch out for when trying to exit a company
  • How to change the way you work after you've been acquired and how it changes your mindset as an entrepreneur
  • Domain name is the most important investment
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