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Secret Academy Episode - Louis Spagnuolo

A serial entrepreneur with a forte for leading new-market ventures, Louis Spagnuolo has established himself as a powerful influencer whose experience in internet monetization and asset acquisition has earned him bragging rights. As a nationally sought-after expert on building and scaling companies, he has been featured in more than 278 major media publications including Forbes and Fox Business News. Currently serving as chairman of Illuminati Trust and as a member of the prestigious elite networking group, Tiger 21, Louis has collaborated with national business leaders, professional athletes, and industry titans to the tune of more than $884 million dollars in deal participations. His knowledge and wisdom is bound to inspire you, motivate you, and teach you what it means to be extraordinary.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Came up with iPhone app that accidentally turned into a highly profitable business
  • How he’s making insurance for the elite easier with an app to store insurance cards, pictures of expensive jewelry, watches, art and other high end items.
  • His transition from providing services to providing insurance
  • What it takes to launch an insurance agency
  • How to service high-net worth people effectively
  • What it means to "defer risk"
  • Why you should always "make the deposits first and ask for the deposits later"
  • The importance of making the effort no one else will make
  • What it takes to become extraordinary and why ordinary people get ordinary results
  • The real reason behind his decision to call his business "Illuminati Trust"
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