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Secret Academy Episode - Joshua Davidson

Joshua is the CEO and Founder of Chop Dawg, full service company lined up with leading designers and developers that take ideas from concept and turn them into reality. Chop Dawg helps create startups for inspiring entrepreneurs by providing them with a wide range of services including web and mobile development, branding and marketing strategies. Through a strong mix of services, Chop Dawg builds successful brands and helps entrepreneurs’ design, plan and implement their objectives.

Joshua is also the President and Founder of Subtle, the first online platform designed to help companies manage their presences online in an effortless and efficient way. Subtle provides a one-stop solution for organizations and individuals looking to take control of their digital presence and online operations while providing a suite of applications such as CMS, Social Media and Newsletters. For the first time, through a series of tools, Subtle’s platform allows everyday individuals to have full control of their online applications all under one roof and through any device.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Age is never a limitation to the possibilities.
  • How he started design without the intent to make it a business.
  • What is an incubator and development firm put in one.
  • Setting short-term goals have value.
  • How he hired people without experience.
  • Why mentorship and networking is key.
  • How to deal with your traditional parents.
  • How he created Subtle.
  • Why simplifying IT logistics gave him an edge.
  • His best tips for today’s young entrepreneurs.
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