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Secret Academy Episode - Ben Greenfield

Growing up as a nerd wasn't quite what Ben Greenfield had envisioned growing up and he quickly changed that by playing tennis with hopes of one day to become a pro. His dreams were shattered when he was demolished on a collegiate level but his passion for learning and teaching only grew stronger. By studying health and fitness at the University of Idaho and working with his own personal training clients, recognition came to follow and Ben was rewarded the NSCA 2008 Personal Trainer of the Year award. Ben took an unconventional approach to personal training and was able to quickly grow his business from 1 on 1 training to group sessions to full fledged gyms and utilized clever marketing tactics to grow his income exponentially to become one of the highest paid personal trainers in his area. As a triathlon athlete and alumni, Ben packaged together his first online digital product in a value packed triathlon training course that went on to sell over $50,000 in just 7 days. From that moment on, Ben knew he could make it on the internet and subsequently sold all his local gyms and personal training centers. Today, Ben stays busy as an author, business coach, personal trainer, triathlon athlete, and blogs at where he has grown that into one of the top online resources for health and fitness. A combination of diversified products allows Ben to earn a nice six figure a month income while being able to travel the world and participate in fitness events.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How a complete nerd became a total fitness junkie
  • Ben's dream of becoming a professional tennis player and how they got shattered
  • How Ben got his start in the health/fitness industry during college
  • Marketing tactics Ben did to make 4x more than the average personal trainer
  • How Ben got his first few clients and more than he could handle
  • Making the transition from personal trainer to gym and facilities owner
  • How to turn a brick and mortar business into a successful online business
  • The digital product Ben created that made $50,000 in just 7 days and why it worked
  • The scary moment of almost getting sued and how Ben got past that
  • Why diversification is key and the top 3 revenue sources for Ben's online business
  • Why passion and a desire for learning is all you need to succeed
  • Proven business strategies applicable for both offline and online businesses
  • Why you should study your competitors and follow their footsteps sometimes
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