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Secret Academy Episode - Eric Siu

By chasing opportunities and not jobs, Eric Siu went through five jobs in a single year after college. It was not until he got introduced into the world of SEO where he found a new found passion and career. This resulted in relentless learning and testing that eventually landed him the role of VP at TreeHouse where he single handedly grew the team and monthly revenue by 98%. At age 27, Eric is now the CEO of Single Grain, a full service digital marketing agency that works will with top tier clients spending no less than $20,000 a month like Yahoo, Sony, and SalesForce.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Why Eric took on an internship while he had a full time job.
  • How he approached his mentor that ultimately got him the job at Treehouse.
  • How to build and manage a team when you are only in your 20's.
  • Why revenue is the most important metric you need to understand.
  • After exponentially growing Treehouse, why Eric joined Single Grain as COO.
  • Tips for guiding a company, instead of a team, as a young CEO.
  • Why you should chase opportunities, not jobs, and how to identify them.
  • The purpose behind blogging and the free content model.
  • The secret source no one uses for customer acquisition.
  • How to land a large client like Yahoo and the four requirements to work with Single Grain.
  • The top social media channels you should (re)focus on and why.
  • Why you shouldn't waste your money buying fake followers, fans, or views.
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