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Secret Academy Episode - Peter Beattie

Peter Beattie was working as an architectural designer when the recession hit. After having his hours cut, he decided that he needed to explore alternative methods of income. He quit his job and started designing websites for local businesses. About a year into making websites, he stumbled upon a marketing forum and realized that there was a market for digital products teaching others the ins and outs of local marketing. Peter found great success selling digital products and started VideoRevolver selling video templates to help other online marketers strengthen their own businesses.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • His first digital product was an e-book and video course on his local marketing business model
  • Made $5000 his first week and realized the potential
  • There are sub-niches of internet marketing: SEO, affiliate marketing, local marketing, etc
  • How to identify what people need and what people want
  • Creating products that people need and packaging it in an appealing and sexy way
  • What you can do before creating your product to gauge interest and build a client list
  • In order to do well in affiliate marketing, you have to build an email list and following
  • Using Facebook ads in the beginning stages of affiliate marketing
  • Explaining his use of funnels, front end up-sells, and back end up-sells
  • Helping other people launch their products and generating revenue from that channel
  • Three tips for those wanting to get into the internet marketing space today
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