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Secret Academy Episode - Justin Cooke

After the real estate market came crashing down in the US, Justin Cooke got a job in the SEO industry when he realized the need for outsourcing. From there he packed his bags and moved to the Philippines where he opened up an outsourcing staffing company that provided affordable labor. With his own team, he ventured in the world of website development where he was able to churn out niche websites for under $100. What he soon found out was that people were willing to pay upwards of 24 months worth of income. From there Empire Flippers was born where he shows people how to create a profitable site and then flip them, either through online market places or through his brokerage company. With an ever changing landscape, Joe has managed to earn over $200,000 in 2012 and over $500,000 for 2013.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How to build an outsourcing company offshore.
  • Why Joe chose the Philippines over other South East Asian countries.
  • Why you should consider selling a site rather than holding on.
  • How to quickly scale a website flipping empire.
  • Why transparency is important for building a brand and a must for flipping websites.
  • Niche sites vs authority sites and why niche sites is better.
  • Monetary issues you must watch out for when buying and selling sites.
  • How your social media following impacts your valuation.
  • When you should to a broker vs going to an online marketplace.
  • How to determine the right price to list your website for.
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