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Secret Academy Episode - Ian Altman

The ultimate goal for any business is gain revenue and ultimately improve year over year. The truth is, many businesses sometimes see stagnant or declines in revenue because of other factors such as the economy and not adapting quick enough. For over two decades, Ian Altman was the founder and CEO of an IT consulting and software development company that caught the attention of several investors and banks after it reached Fortune 500 status. After selling his former company, he sat on the board as managing director and helped grow the valuation from $100 million to nearly $2 billion dollars before realizing that it was taking up too much time away from his family. Ian has since ventured back into consulting and teaches small businesses how to grow their revenues by ultimately utilizing the same sales and marketing strategies that worked successfully for him. He is also the author of two #1 best selling books, Same Side Selling & Upside Down Selling, that teach entrepreneurs the human psychology behind successful sales processes.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Why Ian left his IT company after growing it to $2 billion valuation
  • How he found his passion in consulting and how that lead to Grow My Revenue
  • Common themes found with businesses and how to correct them
  • How to position your unique selling proposition correctly to get the sale
  • Ways to help train your non sales employees to grow revenue
  • How to become a better sales person and marketer as an entrepreneur
  • Understanding the 'why you need this' in business rather than the 'what are you selling'
  • How being open and honest about your talents can foster relationships and clients
  • The 3 step formula to perfecting your pitch: entice, disarm, discover
  • Understand that clients pay for results, not services
  • Why you should specialize in a specific area of consluting rather than be a jack of all trades
  • Why hiring good talent is the best business decision Ian has ever made
  • Customer service is key in business and how its expanded online
  • How to leverage social media the right way
  • Unique growth opportunities for any business and how to identify them
  • How to position your sales pitch or product with the right price to showcase its value
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