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Secret Academy Episode - Louis Spagnuolo

Louis Spagnuolo had a very humble upbringing, coming from an immigrant Italian family where entrepreneurship simply wasn’t in the cards for him early on. Believe it or not, he was actually a bouncer and even got beat up by Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) during his college days. Since then, Louis learned early on how to look for opportunities where others did not. From his early outsourcing of cell phone batteries to his web properties and lead generation software, he shares the wild ups and downs and the mistakes he recovered from, that enabled him to become a real entrepreneur and launch two different 8 figure businesses. His story is bound to inspire you!

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Discover every day opportunities waiting for you to seize them.
  • His parent’s up bringing.
  • His take on education and why he chose finance.
  • How he was beat down by The Rock at his first job.
  • How he leveraged outsourcing very early on.
  • His first cell phone battery business.
  • Why a coup killed his business
  • His mistakes making $80K a month.
  • Why he got in and left the restaurant business quickly.
  • Why he added a touch of real estate to his business
  • How he transformed his real estate business into an 8 figure mortgage business.
  • How the mortgage business lead to lead generation.
  • How he built 300 websites.
  • Why he became an intern despite being a millionaire.
  • You can't build an 8 figure company overnight.
  • The power of shifting laterals and capitalizing on verticals.
  • The reality behind the private jet business.
  • Bringing all the business properties into one.
  • How he got into insuring sport teams including many you already know.
  • The lifestyle and rewards of years of work.
  • His relationship with the Ferrari and Mclaren Family.
  • How he became the brand ambassador for Rolls Royce.
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