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Secret Academy Episode - Alex Taub

With roots deep in Manhattan, anytime you mention start-ups and New York, Alex Taub's name might end up in the discussion. Although the tech scene is still emerging in New York, Alex has helped expand several start-ups in the area with his last two being the well known companies Aviary and Dwolla. His stint with each company was short lived and just 3 days after he left Dwolla, Alex co founded Social Rank with another former Dwolla colleague. Today, Social Rank has become a leading Twitter competition analytics tool, serving over 5,000 brands like GoPro and Spotify and recently received $1 million in funding. Alex blogs his journey on his website and with over 700 posts and counting, Alex has caught the attention of a publisher and compiled his best work in a book called Pitching & Closing, a comprehensive book on how to develop businesses through partnerships.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Why Alex's first company during college didn't work out
  • Why Alex decided to leave two growing companies in Aviary & Dwolla after 2 years each
  • The business idea behind Social Rank and why it is unlike any other Twitter tool
  • The impact of blogging for business and how he was asked to contribute to Forbes
  • Why you should become a power connector through social media, especially Twitter
  • 4 reasons why a company will want to partner with you as explained in Pitching & Closing
  • How you can make a partnership worthwhile and mutually beneficial
  • How Alex raised $1 mil within its first year of business with Social Rank
  • How to get the attention of big brands to partner with you, even as a small company
  • Why Social Rank was paid and now is free and how Alex plans to monetize
  • The difference between perfecting a product/service vs continuously innovating
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