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Secret Academy Episode - Tom Cruz

Tom Cruz was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and moved to the United States when he was six. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a degree in Finance. After successfully clearing $100,000 running an ecommerce website in high school, Tom wanted a more scalable and passive income stream through the internet. He started a web development company - - when his freshman year of college. Since then Apto Hosting has grown and is currently hosting over 500 websites in 10 different countries. Tom gives us his insight and success to date from launching a business from nothing to running a 6 employee operation at just the young age of 22. He has built a reputation for getting their clients to the top of the search engines for competitive and profitable keywords.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How he started Apto Hosting from his basement.
  • The power of a referral business.
  • How to select proper hosting for your business.
  • How the hosting business model functions.
  • How and when to evolve your business.
  • Why service helped him differentiate his brand.
  • How to use one product as a hook for cross selling.
  • How to leverage your client base to up sell.
  • The future of the all in one media platform.
  • How his new SEO tool will compete with analytics.
  • Why simplicity is the new name in IT.
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