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Secret Academy Episode - Jesse Lakes

In 2009, Jesse Lakes launched a series of websites that used iTunes and Amazon affiliate programs, but he and his partner soon noticed that there was a problem monetizing geo-fragmented audiences due to the country-specific affiliate programs. Because the affiliate sites weren't optimized to be used in various other countries, there was a loss of potential sales that was occurring. After coming up with a solution to this problem, Jesse wrote a book about the Apple iTunes affiliate program entitled 'Mastering the iTunes Affiliate Program' and was slapped with a cease and desist letter; however, after Apple exec's reviewed his book, they ended up offering him a job to manage their affiliate program. He left Apple a few years later to pursue his own geo-targeting business, thus Geniuslink (formerly Georiot) was born and has served over 1 billion clicks.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • What is geotargeting and how his company is improving an existing solution
  • What Geniuslink can specifically target
  • How writing a book about Apple's affiliate program led to a job there
  • Why he left Apple even after a great salary
  • The biggest setback after starting Geniuslink
  • Biggest personal challenge of starting/running his own business
  • How it started as a "family business" and expanded
  • Pros and cons of working with family members
  • How persistence can be helpful for entrepreneurs
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