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Secret Academy Episode - Steven Ng

Steven Ng was an undergraduate student at UCLA when he first discovered Kickstarter. This seemed like the perfect outlet for his creative side, so he dove headfirst into coming up with a product that he wanted to make. At that time Kickstarter was still relatively new, so there were a lot fewer campaigns that existed, which meant fewer competitors for similar products. Steven launched a minimalistic wallet called the Dash Wallet, and was able to reach his goal within one week. Realizing there was a demand for newer versions of his wallet and other mens fashion items, he launched Elliot Havok, a mens fashion accessories company that provides quality craftsmanship at wholesale prices.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How he got started on Kickstarter
  • Using lifestyle photography instead of just white background product photography for campaigns
  • You need traction in the beginning of your campaign, otherwise it won't be seen
  • Setting a smaller goal versus a bigger goal
  • Sending cold emails to blogs and writers they want to be featured on
  • What type of research to do when deciding on a product to launch
  • Two components to reach your goal on Kickstarter
  • Differentiating your brand is the key to success
  • Having a community behind you helps generate support
  • Changing the category on Kickstarter to expose your product to a new group of people
  • Development of new products based on customer feedback, comments, and suggestions
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