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Secret Academy Episode - John Maddox

After getting a taste of entrepreneurship in college when he learned how to leverage people to scale his lead generation business, John Maddox started to second guess his desire to continue his college education. Around this same time was when businesses were leaning towards new media for advertising such as radio ad placements. The problem was that most businesses did not either have a website or a website optimized to capitalize on radio referral traffic. This gave birth to a Ten Fast Feet, a consulting and marketing agency that grew over 1200% in 3 years, all without a single sales person on staff. Today John is the founder of Serious Startups, a new startup incubator from Tennessee that aims to redefine how startups are created. The twist is that Serious Startups takes an equity in the company it helps develop, market, and brand, with hopes for a larger VC acquisition or funding.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • What inspired John to become an entrepreneur in college
  • How he leveraged people in college to scale his lead gen business
  • The great debate around college education
  • How he found opportunity in an emerging market
  • How John grew Ten Fast Feet over 1200% and $6.2 mil in revenue
  • Why John didn't depend on outbound sales or sales people
  • How John got in the face of major corporations like Comcast
  • The most important factors when it comes to launching an app
  • The future of 2015 when it comes to startups
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