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Secret Academy Episode - Aaron Pitman

While others may frown upon MLM's and the nature of that business model, Aaron Pitman will be the first to tell you that his experience was one of the best business decisions he has made. Once he realized that the same effort applied at the MLM company was better off put to use on his own idea, Aaron got into the crazy world of domain names. Rather than buy random domains, Aaron focused on the local market, specifically local based service companies looking for more business. His options were to either flip those domains to other businesses, or build them into positive cash flow assets through a variety of revenue streams such as lead generation. His strategy has paid off and Aaron has made millions through domains and now reinvests his money in over 20 different businesses of all verticals.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Aaron's personal experiences with MLM including the good and the bad
  • The reality behind MLMs and his biggest learning, which impacts any business
  • How observation lead him into the wild world of domain names
  • Why he focused on city/state + profession + .net/.com/.org domains
  • How he flipped those domains for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to businesses
  • Why it made sense to turn his domains into cash flow positive assets in addition to flipping
  • The different types of revenue streams you can put on a site for cash flow
  • An example of one site that will bring six figures a month alone
  • How to identify the best lead gen vertical and why its really based on margins
  • How to outsource everything yet continue to grow your business
  • Tips to finding a team to work with that you can trust after losing hundreds of thousands
  • Why its important to set aside income to invest and diversify your income
  • How Aaron identify investment opportunities and how he picked his 20 different verticals
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