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Secret Academy Episode - Dan Henry

Dan Henry started out his entrepreneurial journey by deciding that delivering pizzas for $8/hour for a jerk boss wasn’t what he wanted to do. He knew working for someone else wasn’t what he wanted to do with his life, so he quit and decided to become his own boss in his early twenties. After some trial and error with a few ventures like an online blog, then even nightclub ownership, Dan realized what all his endeavors had in common that he was good at: advertising. He understood that no matter what business he had tried his hand at, even if they failed, the digital advertisement and marketing element was always strong under his management. He had cracked the code for a newly valuable skill that many others would pay through the nose to understand. So Dan decided to create an advertisement agency development coaching program, which combined his two loves: advertisement and helping teach others. Now a boy from Chicago who was delivering pizza’s for minimum wage is running a $5 million dollar online business.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How to help other people sell their product properly.
  • How to build your online advertising agency.
  • Why the advertisement agency market won’t ever get saturated.
  • How to have some of the best Facebook ads out there.
  • How to specify your clientel.
  • Who is the best type of person that should set up an advertising agency.
  • What differentiates successful advertisement agency owners and unsuccessful ones.
  • Why to NEVER call yourself a Facebook Ad Agency.
  • Why there is never away to avoid doing cold traffic marketing.
  • How to know when a customer is on the fence about your product or completely cold to it.
  • What to do to get effective warm traffic creation.
  • How to build a strong marketing funnel for your specific business/product.
  • How to stop looking at the aspects of your marketing in segments and look at the system together as a whole.
  • How to create an effective webinar that helps you not only sell your product/service but filter your clientel.
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