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Secret Academy Episode - Eran Eyal

Eran Eyal is involved in multiple kinds of startups which range from artificial intelligence to insurance. Eran is an entrepreneur, four-times founder and successfully exited two companies. His passion is in startups that solve a significant problem – particularly in crowdsourcing and marketplaces. Among his many titles and achievements, Eran co-founded and is the founder of iDea, where he designed 16 mobile phones and sold the concept to a major mobile phone manufacturer. He is a winner of United Nations World Summit Award for most innovative e-business and successfully raised over $2M for his last startup.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How Eran and his brother became involved in startups with IT background
  • The first startup Eran founded
  • Design - the key to success of his first company
  • What a pitch dig looks like
  • The importance of teams in your company
  • Find out what is your market
  • Pinpointing market disruption
  • Headache Companies vs. Migraine Companies
  • How to know how big your serving market is
  • How to measure traction and stickiness for a product/service
  • Make people pay for your time
  • Starting a business now vs. 10 years ago
  • How to raise capital
  • How to make people invest in you
  • Handling investors
  • How to ensure that you earn funding quicker
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