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Secret Academy Episode - Morgan Carey

As a young stay-at-home dad in his teens, Morgan Carey had little options for employment unless it was for himself. During this time was around the dot com boom when businesses were creating websites left and right. Obviously without traffic a website has very little impact on any business so Morgan began to learn the fundamentals for search engine optimization (SEO) and was soon coined the "SEO Guy" for being one of the first to truly know how to increase website visibility. As business grew, Morgan realized it was hard to scale the business with himself being the bottleneck. Seeing the demand and rise in real estate, Morgan created Real Estate Webmasters (REW), a website solutions and software company for realtors and brokers nationwide. Since 2004, REW has continued to grow and as of recently, Morgan made an appearance on Dragon's Den and was able to secure $2 million for 5% ($40 mil) valuation that he astonishingly turned down. Today, Morgan is worth over $70 million in addition to his other investments in real estate and hospitality businesses.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How Morgan Carey learned SEO and became the "SEO Guy"
  • Why Morgan wanted to get into the real estate business
  • The gradual but steady growth of Real Estate Webmasters
  • Why going from custom websites to packaged websites was better
  • Why you should add value before asking for the sale
  • How Morgan grew Real Estate Webmasters without a sales team
  • Why Morgan decided to go on Dragon's Den even when he didn't need money
  • Morgan's new business ventures in restaurants and real estate
  • How Morgan grew Real Estate Webmasters to 3 offices and 170 employees
  • The importance of leadership and hiring great employees
  • Morgan's best tips for entrepreneurs getting into business
  • The difference in being worth $10 million and $70 million
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