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Secret Academy Episode - Mike Dillard

Mike Dillard was just a high school student waiting tables on the weekends when he came to the realization that he needed to work for himself in order to truly succeed in life. During college, he started a networking marketing business with just a few hundred dollars; but he wasn't able to turn a profit for almost 5 years. He decided to learn about copywriting, and after implementing what he had learned, his business started to take off soon thereafter generating 7-figures in revenue. Mike used his knowledge of marketing and copywriting to launch several businesses, each fulfilling a need or solving a problem he encountered. Today, he runs Self Made Man, an online community mentoring young men in the areas of business, relationships, finance, health, and more. He is also currently working on a new project in the hydroponics arena.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Why his first business wasn't profitable for 5 years
  • How learning direct response marketing and copywriting completely changed his business and life
  • The opportunity and the product itself is never going to make you rich, it's the ability to market, execute, and sell the product that will yield results
  • How he was able to promote his products without doing sales pitches in person
  • Making an 8-figure revenue in the first year of his business by offering something different in an already saturated market
  • Writing a 90-minute webinar and using that as the main platform to sell his product
  • The goal for each company he starts is to solve a problem or need in the world and to push himself to think bigger and try to make a bigger impact
  • Copywriting is the tool that helps you market and persuade your potential clients
  • Not mastering copywriting will hinder your business
  • You will stand out by being honest, authentic, and transparent in your sales message
  • 12 psychological components that you have to address to your prospective clients in your sales presentation
  • Launched Self Made Man to help young men succeed in relationships, health, and business; but also to fund his hydroponics venture
  • What three key components to focus on to have a successful product
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