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Secret Academy Episode - Deric Tikotsky

Deric Tikotsky didn’t have much growing up and found himself alone in the US with no money and nowhere to go after growing up in France. Finding a 9-5 job was a survival move for Deric while he launched a computer repair business in NJ with a marketing strategy that you won't believe. After launching several computer repair stores and business models, Deric experienced a business acquisition at a fairly young age. He followed his passion for exotic cars by starting a successful exotic car rental agency in Palm Beach, FL from his garage and ended up selling it to start producing exotic car parts in his latest venture while taking it easy. His diverse background and entertaining character makes him a great person to learn from.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How being forced in a corner, forces you to push to 7 figures.
  • How he started a computer repair business in high school.
  • Why he dropped out of school during his senior year.
  • The marketing strategies that you wouldn't believe worked.
  • How his dream car getting wrecked created another 7-figure business.
  • The reality behind exotic car rental companies.
  • How to save a few bucks on your next exotic car rental.
  • The 3 in 1 business model at work.
  • His exit strategy.
  • His one lesson learned through all the years .
  • His best tips for today’s entrepreneurs.
  • Talk of his lifestyle, exotic cars, yacht and more.
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