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Secret Academy Episode - Brian Garrett

In a cut throat industry that is the music and entertainment industry, Brian Garrett has made huge strives to establish himself as a recognized name and brand within top executives and musicians. As a tech entrepreneur, Brian got his start by making money online through email marketing as a young teen and eventually took that skill-set and found his niche where he specializes in digital marketing for musicians. It wasn't all easy though as Brian had to literally hustle his way to get in the door of record label executives through unique and unheard of tactics. Today, he runs Future Star, a conglomerate of talent management, record label, digital marketing and development, and more.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • How a white kid from the South made it in the rap industry.
  • Learn how you can leverage psychology to get what you want.
  • How finding your niche can allow you to expand your business in other areas.
  • Why email marketing still works today.
  • You haven't seen hustle until you hear what he did to get his name out.
  • Why perception is huge when you are still starting out.
  • Lessons learned after blowing thousands when you are young.
  • What its like to work with top musicians and records that go platinum.
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