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Secret Academy Episode - Charles Ngo

When he was in college, Charles Ngo bought a camera online at a discounted price and then sold it on eBay for a profit. What started out as a birthday present for himself turned into a realization of the potential of making money online. He would continue to buy and sell items online until PayPal deactivated his account. However, this did not stop Charles from pursuing a possible start in entrepreneurship, and he discovered the world of affiliate marketing and has never looked back. After amazing success in the affiliate marketing space, he founded AFFcelerator as a resource to help budding affiliate marketers to build stronger campaigns.

Lesson's in Today's Interview:
  • Making $25k in just 6 months buying and selling items online
  • Entering the affiliate marketing space and starting a blog
  • After 14 failed campaigns and thousands of dollars lost, he made $75k on his 15th campaign
  • Why this 15th campaign was so successful
  • You need an angle for every product/campaign
  • Monetizing in other countries and the wide-use of cell phones has created many opportunities for newer marketers despite the increase in competition
  • Why having an internet lawyer is essential
  • Paid affiliate marketing versus SEO marketing
  • The most important thing you can do with money is to invest it
  • What were the two biggest reasons for his incredible jump from making $75k to $1M in a short time span
  • How he decides what products to promote
  • Success in affiliate marketing is all about relationships
  • Working a network versus working direct
  • Should you go for a lead or a sale
  • Ugly versus pretty in the marketing world
  • Three ways to optimize your productivity
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